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Saint Genevieve School 

Kindergarten Curriculum 

A Three Time Recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence 


The  kindergarten uses Sadlier’s We Believe program. Students will study the seasons of the liturgical year, special feast days, Creation, Baptism, the Blessed Trinity and Mary. Special emphasis will be placed on Jesus including His life, miracles and mission. The students will be exposed to spontaneous, as well as formal, prayer on a daily basis. 


We use Sadlier’s Progress in Mathematics program. Students will learn the folowing skills: patterns, shapes, size-comparison, measurement, recognition and printing of numerals (0-20). In working with sets, the students will become familiar with the terms “greater than”, “fewer than” and “equal to”. Instruction progresses to joining and separating sets and simple problem solving.

English Language Arts: 

In ELA, we use McGraw Hill’s Wonders reading program. One letter of the alphabet will be introduced each week with an emphasis on sound recognition and correct formation through printing practice. The students will be exposed gradually to consonant blends and digraphs. With the mastery of sounds, the boys and girls will progress to blending them to form words with a concentration on short medial vowel sounds. Color and number words will be introduced, and there will be an emphasis placed on high frequency words.To supplement the program, teachers also use a combination of Heggerty a Phonemic Awareness Curriculum, as well as Wilson Reading Program Fundations utilizing both to promote overall growth and success of the student. 

Communication and comprehension skills will be developed through daily exposure to various types of age appropriate literature.

Story writing will reinforce the use of punctuation, upper and lower case letter usage, action words, words of description and creative expression. Writing will also assist in exposing the students to spelling for the first time.

Social Studies: 

To broaden our horizons, in light of our world as it is today, the teachers have initiated A Little Spot Social Emotional program. This program focuses on helping young children understand their feelings, and have positive social behaviors. To learn more about the world, and the important people and events in history, kindergarten uses the Scholastic Let’s Find Out magazine. Let’s Find Out connects students’ lives to the topics needed in easy, self-contained lessons. With each issue, exciting multimedia resources are available that help grow knowledge, build skills, and support every reader.


Children are natural scientists. In science, the teachers use our ELA reading program as well as the math curriculum to plan cross curricular activities and science projects that correlate with what the students are learning. This allows students to strengthen their natural skills and to broaden their knowledge through hands-on experience. In addition to the teacher planned science lessons, kindergarten uses Scholastic Let’s Find Out to supplement learning. 

Learning Centers: Center time affords the children opportunities for choice. Students may select an activity where they interact, cooperate, and share with peers. The kindergarten program provides exposure and engagement through the following centers: library/listening, prayer, building, art, language arts, technology, and home living. 


The Literacy-Technology-Media program at Saint Genevieve School is a learning journey designed to be engaging, relevant, and age-appropriate with a focus on building foundational skills: locating material (research), interacting with literature, navigating websites, thinking critically, interpreting information, developing keyboarding proficiency, delving into productivity tools (Google Workspace), experimenting with coding, exploring curriculum-connected software, engaging in graphic design, audio and video, communicating through writing, collaborating with others, and practicing online safety and integrity. As a kindergarten student at SGS, you are on the road to academic and personal growth through literacy, technology and media.

Additional Information

Students in Kindergarten also attend classes in Art, Spanish, Music and Physical Education. 

For a description of the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, visit the website of Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education.